How does it work

EMRT™ is a very dynamic technique, which signals the brain to initiate the healing process. These signals are sent via specialised nerve cells found in the fascia or covering of the muscle. By applying the moves over the muscles in specific areas in a sequence, the body receives the message to take the spasm out of that muscle. This gives the body a chance to achieve balance that promotes well-being of the whole horse. 

It consists of gentle rolling, sequential moves over specific points of the muscular fascia. Energy flows are stimulated & balanced, encouraging the body to reset & heal itself, producing rapid & lasting relief from pain & discomfort.

Non-invasive & non-manipulative, EMRT helps bring about a positive response to muscular, respiratory, organic & glandular conditions. It is an ideal way to help the body function at an optimal level of health & efficiency & can be used as a preventative in the same way that sports massage is used by athletes.

Equine Muscle Release Therapy can be used in conjunction with & complements other healing modalities, such as herbal medicine, as it activates the body’s powerful natural self-healing ability.

EMRT is not a replacement for Veterinary advice.

What sort of problems can EMRT™ help with?

  • Muscular, tendon & ligament strains
  • Skeletal/structural problems                                              
  • Injury and illness speeds recovery and recuperation through improved circulation
  • LYmphatic drainage and Lactic acid imbalances.
  • Colds/flu, bladder/kidney infections, dry/cracked hooves, wound healing.
  • Removal of Toxins &lactic acid build-up associated with such conditions as "tying up"
  • Degenerative and Growth disorders
  • Exellent for pain management
  • Mental/emotional problems caused by fear, tenseness
  • Prevention of problems or simply as a "treat" to your horse

EMRT™ works in conjunction with your Vet. EMRT (tm) does not replace Veterinary treatment.

EMRT™ - Practitioners are trained specialists who will give follow-up advice for the full rehabilitation of your Horse- always use a fully accredited Practitioner

Courses developed in conjunction with Australian and UK Equine Specialist Vets and ranging from the Basic Horse Owner Self Interest Course through to Basic and Advanced Practitioner Level are taught world-wide.

Note*  The Self Interest Horse Owner course is a pre-requisite to any further training.

Lymphatic drainage and Lactic acid imbalances, (Vets in Australia have reported EMRT is the best therapy for homeostasis of body fluids)

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