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Basic Practitioner Course

The following courses comprise the practical taught component of the 3 modules of becoming an Equine Muscle Release Practitioner This is a professional course, combining attendance classes and distance education- takes approximately 2 years to complete.

This course is co-taught with equine Vets, and was developed after years of research and field studies
A Practitioner Award is given at the successful completion of all requirements of Level 3. This is co- taught and examined by Alison Goward and an EMRT™ Equine Specialist Veterinarian.

Qualified EMRT™ Practitioners are recognised world wide and are required to dual Register througt the ECL&R with the BTAA, hold current insurance, follow a strict code of professional ethics and carry with them a copy of their Practitioner Award certificate and relevant qualification papers whilst performing their profession.

This work is complementary to Veterinary work & does not purport to replace it.

Training guidelines for EMRT™ Practitioner

To attend his course you must be a competent horse person, with a love and desire to help your horse.

  • Module 1:  4 days
  • Module 2:  4 days
  • Module 3:  4 days

Practical and written examination.


  • Module 1&2 Bowen Bowen for humans (4 Days)
  • 12 Case studies
  • Anatomy Physiology for Horses

Training guidelines for CCmrt™ Practitioner

The training for CCmrt ™ Practitioner (Bowen for small animals) follows the same pattern as the EMRT ™ Practitioner Training.