Harmonic vibration model

One possible theory of the underlying mechanism of BOWTECH the Original Bowen Technique is the resonance model demonstrated by stringed instruments. A string held and played at a particular point will establish a resonance that creates a distinctive tone. Changing the point where the string is held creates a vibrational pattern that correlates with a specific frequency. All musicians know that locating the exact point at which the string is to be held is critical, because a small deviation will create a totally different frequency or tone. Also, the quality of that tone is affected by the way the string is played.

In turn, the body may be compared to an intricate musical instrument that requires adequate tuning for correct function. Just as a musician must place his or her fingers precisely on the string, so must BOWEN therapists carry out each particular move precisely. The body is as sensitive to touch as a fine Stradivarius. Just as a string must be played carefully to create the required sound, so must the structures of the body be activated correctly to effect a full BOWEN response.

Dr Jo-Anne Whitaker, MD was appointed BOWTECH’s International Director of Research in the early 1990’s. She is continuing research on the hypothesis that BOWEN Technique works by creating harmonic vibrations which balance the autonomic nervous system which controls 97% of all bodily functions.

The use of sound and music in healing is not a novel concept. Pythagoras was aware of the relationship between healing and harmonics and set up an entire school of healing based on this relationship. Sound has been used as a healing discipline in most cultures. The study of sound in relation to healing suggests that specific frequencies affect particular parts of the body. Therefore, it is possible that by generating the same vibrational patterns in some other way, the relevant structures may also be affected. It is believed that the BOWEN Technique sets up vibrational patterns that correspond to particular areas of the body. The body then attempts to alter its vibration to match these ideal vibrational patterns, and in so doing brings itself into harmony.