Anne& David Winter

David came from an engineering background until he got the call to be a Health Practitioner.

He took up massage and was trained by Physiotherapists in Melbourne. He qualified as a Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist near Melbourne, Victoria, where he practiced as a Clinical Masseur and also as a Sport Masseur for the local state league soccer side, until he moved in 1997 to Queensland.

In 1993 he started his career as Bowen Therapist and realized the value of a holistic approach to health soon overtaking the other therapy because of its efficacy. With great success in the healing field he ran clinics in Victoria and Queensland, working alongside complementary doctors of Medical Centers.

For the better understanding of the vibrational aspect of the human body and to complement his personal development he became a Reiki Master. It has not only allowed him to discover the ancient wisdom but also to find his inner self.

Knowing the strength of the technique, David decided to train to be able to teach and help others discover the joy of learning this fascinating technique. He became a Registered Instructor with the Bowen Academy of Australia in 2001 and his wife Anne was one of his first students.

Since then he has taught many practitioners in Queensland and is proud to teach Bowtech, the original technique. David believes that Bowenwork by Bowtech is arguably the only holistic therapy of the 21st century, which is revolutionizing the field of health care. He continues to explore on a daily basis about the life force energy and developed a special interest in the emotional component of illness.

Together with his wife Anne he now runs the Mobile School of Bowtech.

They made a commitment to reach as many people as they can to help mankind with this holistic therapy, to be supportive of their students in a friendly and relaxed way so that students enjoy learning with fun and humour. David's theory is: If you don't look after your body, where are you going to live?

Your essence is your uniqueness in a team.
It is the magical spark of creation and truth,
and you long for fulfillment in your work.
It is an inner knowing that you are on your soul's path,
and that you are achieving daily satisfaction in all you do.
Anne Maria and David Winter


As a Body / Mind Therapist Anne has trained extensively in different fields and her studies in the spiritual aspects of life have been blended with formal studies into the healing of the mind and emotions. With her background as a Professional Counsellor and Reiki Master she is passionate to explain the body / mind connection for emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

Anne’s life has been a path of continual expansion. For the last ten years she has been on a mission to inspire others to tap into ancient wisdom and to rediscover their connection with the earth and the cosmos. 

She travels now worldwide to present her Personal Development Seminars. Her recently published book titled ‘Science of Life’ a Self Healing Manual for body, mind and soul assists as a tool to help the seeker to find the answers within and to stay in their own truth, whatever the truth may be.

Anne is still exploring and living her spiritual philosophies for her own benefits but also in service to others. She conducts spiritual tours to sacred places in Egypt and Peru to awaken your ‘light within’; and she aspires to teach metaphysics in accordance with the latest discoveries of science, medicine and physics, as well as ancient wisdom. 

It is her intention to teach you how to step into your best possible future, inviting an enrichment of life on both a personal and professional basis.

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