Eveline Sprunger

Alternative cures interested me quite early. However, I could make up my mind only in 1999 to begin the naturopathy training in Switzerland. After finishing this in 2003, I started working in my private practice chamber.

During the years I was drawn more and more towards manual forms of therapies. I have learnt many therapies there and again put them aside.

In 2005, I have become aware of the Bowen technique and have completed the training as Bowen practitioner. The simplicity, the gentle grip technology and the beautiful results of treatment, which can be reached with little effort, fascinate me every day until today.

I am very happy that I was able to begin with the training for instructors with Manfred Zainzinger in 2010 and have been allowed since 2012 to instruct as an instructor of the Bowen Therapy Academy in Switzerland and that I can pass on my knowledge on this wonderful method.