Gertraud Maaß

Instructor of the Bowen technique since 2007.
Member of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, since 2002 non-medical practitioner in Germany.
Founder and first chairman of the Hungarian Bowen Association;
Since 2009, training in Analytical gymnastics (KG) 1989-1990;
Contemporary- and modern dance teacher since 1993.

Born in Linz / Upper Austria, lived in Ansfelden near Linz until the general qualification for university entrance.
Before I emigrated to Australia in 1981 with my husband, I was working in the tourism industry.

My children Isabella and Philip were born in Australia, however, the longing for home led me to return to Austria.

Here, I completed the following health-related training: Medical masseuse, kinesiologist, instructor for general gymnastics, EMRT (equine muscle release therapy) practitioner in training, additional training in the field of massage, energetic healing methods, healthy eating and exercise.

Since 2003 I am a registered international instructor of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia.

I found out the first public seminar for the Bowen technique, which Manfred Zainzinger conducted in Austria, by chance in 1998 and visited this.

The initial curiosity turned into enthusiasm. I finished the training in 1999 and have been working since then in my practice for Bowen technique and kinesiology in Linz primarily and very successfully with the Bowen technique.

What inspires me above all is the simplicity of the method associated with the powerful effect and the respect for the uniqueness of human beings. It is my great pleasure as part of my work with the Bowen technique to be able to pass on my knowledge and experience to many interested people.

Since 1994, he has been practising exclusively the BOWTECH — the original BOWEN TECHNIQUE - in his practice in Cairns, Australia.
Since 1996 he is a teacher of BOWEN TECHNIQUE and has been conducting training seminars in Australia, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. With over 4000 instructed seminar participants, Manfred is one of the most experienced instructors of the Bowen Technique.

Manfred seeks to make these unique method accessible to many people. He founded the Association of Austrian Bowen Practitioners in 1999 and initiated the establishment of the Bowtech Association in Germany and in Switzerland in 2002.