Nora Deischl

Since 1996, I am a non-medical practitioner and even before that I engaged in preventive medicine.

My initial priorities are in the area of relaxation techniques, energy massage, meridian therapy, spine therapy, reflexology, water + salt, exercise and breathing as the basis of livelihood on this planet.

Meanwhile the BowTech is predominant in my practice. The fascinating simplicity with simultaneous efficiency that I got to know with BowTech has prompted me immediately to seek to instruct in this area.

With this unique opportunity to invigorate myself and others by self-healing, many methods of long standing become unnecessary.

The best healer is still hidden deep within each of us.

With the "body language" developed by Tom Bowen, each organism can control his healing itself, set its own priorities and above all, adapt the speed exactly to the instantaneous need.

I am very grateful to obtain the license for instructing after using BowTech for many years and am looking forward to a lot of people who want to gather similar experiences.