Wolfgang Kulterer

Teaching in: A

Born in Carinthia, I first learned the vocation of automotive technicians, which I have finished with the examination for the master craftsman's diploma.

With the birth of our four children, I began to become interested in the naturopathy and completed a training for non-medical practitioners.

I finished various trainings such as cranio-sacral therapy, homoeopathy, Reiki and of course the Bowen technique in this period.

I have been working since 2005 in my private practice and applying mainly BowTech, because I have experienced how great an opportunity this is to help people in their suffering at all levels.

I began with the instructor level training with Gertraud Maas in 2011, which I finished in June 2013 with Ossi and Elaine Rentsch in Linz.

I look forward to passing on this effective and easy-to-learn technique to as many interested people as possible.