Margaret Spicer

Margaret has been a Bowenwork practitioner for over 20 years and continues to develop her keen interest and passion for Bowenwork becoming a Bowtech Instructor in 2000 and is now a Registered Senior Bowtech Instructor.

Margaret, originally a pharmacist, has been involved in Natural Therapies for well over 25 years, running a clinical practice in Sydney for over 25 years. During that period she has been a professional educator, lecturing at major NSW colleges including Nature Care College, Sydney. She draws her experience from a wide range of modalities including, bodywork, naturopathy, herbalism, homoeopathy and vibrational therapies, including energetic and spiritual healing.

Currently Margaret, in conjunction with Anne Schubert, also a Senior Bowtech Instructor, has been instrumental in developing the Mind Body and Bowen Workshop which they have taken around Australia since 2002 and then to UK & Europe from 2004, NZ from 2005, U.S.A from 2006, Canada in 2008 and Singapore in 2009.

In addition to practising and teaching Bowenwork, Margaret has been a member of the Bowtech International Committee for several years and also involved on the Manual revision committee. 

Having always had a great interest in the philosophies and practice of natural healing Margaret brings her own personal and clinical experience to each seminar.