Robyn Wood

Robyn believes that “Bowen shapes lives.”
“Bowen has certainly shaped my life.”

Our family property was near Geelong, Victoria, Australia. We grew beautiful, mouth watering lamb, beef, turkey and chicken. Tom Bowen was a regular visitor to our farm, and he loved the freshness, nourishment and taste of it all. He said we should all observe and learn from nature.

We in turn, were astounded by his ability to read the body and know just what little moves on certain muscles could heal all sorts of problems. It did not seem to matter if it were my father's elbow, or indeed a horse or a cow! It was wonderful when he worked on my beloved horses. Their attitude and abilities always improved after his magic touch. He also encouraged us to grow a few special vegetables and herbs in the garden for our family use. This of course included things for my horses. I started showing horses when I was 5 years old and continued showing and judging horses and riders in most states of Australia for more than 40 years.

I attended The Hermitage for my schooling. It is now part of Geelong Grammar and I matriculated at aged 16, then set off to Melbourne to learn to be a Primary School Teacher. I was soon back in the classroom, this time at Melbourne Boys Grammar.

I moved to North Eastern Victoria and opened children's boutiques in 4 major rural cities in the area.

It was exhausting but amazing, as I certainly had to quickly develop skills to manage a business, employ staff, advertise & market my business, buy good stock, and meet budgets. I became involved on the Council of the local Chamber of Commerce for 5 years.

I also assisted with the recruitment and training of volunteers and horses for the first “Riding for the Disabled” in the area.

I later moved to Queensland and it was here that I fully and formally embraced the world of Natural Therapies.

I studied and taught everything from Aromatherapy, to Swedish and Remedial Massage, Shiatsu, Sacro-cranial work and then I found Bowen Therapy again. Perhaps Bowen found me again, as there are no mistakes in the Universe, only experiences.

Ossie and Elaine Rentsch were teaching and talking about the same man who came to our farm!

How amazing is that?

So now over 20 years later, I can say that I have had the privilege to have taught thousands of students the wonders of Bowen. This teaching has taken me to every state in Australia and to every continent in the world.

I have met fantastic people along the way and many have become great personal friends. This is another part of the amazing way in which “Bowen Shapes Lives.” I just love my Bowen friends from Australia to Europe/Africa/the Americas and South East Asia.

I particularly enjoy teaching my specialised workshops, which are:

Sport Bowen
Bowen for the Immobile and Stroke care
Bowen Therapy and Diabetes
Working with Neck Pain

Bowen does indeed shape lives!